SKY Park

Do you want to experience jumping from the highest bungee in the world? Or do you want to swing on the highest swing in Iran? Whatever your choice is, we are by your side at the height of 280 meters of Milad Tower! ;)

​​Just Bring your will power!

Welcome to Sky Park!

Iran's first Adrenaline park at a height of 280 meters! where you can release all your passion and excitement safely!
You ask How?
At the SKY Park. we we have prepared new and unrepeatable sports and activities, which are waiting for you!

Bungee jumping
You can experience bungee jumping from the highest bungee platform in the world!

Sky swing
Swing ride for two and one person over Tehran! Can you imagine the peace?

Edge Walking

Did you know that you can walk above Tehran on this platform?

Sky fly
You can go down from the bungee platform with safe equipment and stay suspended in the air!

Glass box

A room sorrunded by glass! you can see Tehran from the glass under your feet!

Any of these experiences you want to try, we are ahead of you with our camera! The photo will be very good! :)

Safety standards

If the safety of our experiences is a question for you, it might be interesting for you to know that all our devices and materials are made and approved according to the eight times pressure standard. This means that each of them can withstand eight times the pressure that should come to them!

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بازگشت به بخش ورود

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