G-Max extreme sport complexes

Exprience pure Adrenaline!

I am sure it has happened to you that when you are sitting at home, or when you are out with your friends, when you are bored and busy, you ask yourself where to go? What should I do to change my mood? How repetitive everything is! Where should we go to have fun?! Well, we have the answer to all these questions!

Adventure Park
​​​​​​​Namak Abrood

Adrenaline Park
Sa'adat Abad


Sky Park
Milad tower


Compliance with the highest safty standards

At G-max complexes, with the help of experts and using advanced equipment, in accordance with the latest safty standards of the world,we have always been trying to provide you with the most exciting sports and entertainment in the safest possible way! Rest assured that we use the best facilities. Because your life is in our hands and we appreciate your trust!

Tell me more!
In GMAX, all you need to do, is to hug your fears and take a leap!

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